Delta to Spend $770 Million to Upgrade Aircraft Interiors

By Jeremy Del Nero on 8 January 2014
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Delta aircraft in Portland

Delta aircraft in Portland

Delta Air Lines announced that it will invest over three quarter billion dollars to refurbish the interiors of its Boeing 757-200, 737-800, Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft.

The upgraded interiors will feature power outlets at every seat, slimmer seats with adjustable headrests, overhauled lavatories, and other features that will enhance passenger comfort.

Fifty-six of Delta’s Boeing 757-200 aircraft will be receiving in-seat video, personal power access, upgraded galleys, new LED cabin lighting, revamped lavatories, and redesigned overhead bins with a larger capacity.  Forty-nine of the aircraft, those operated on domestic routes, will be laid out with 20 seats in first class, 29 in the premium-economy Economy Comfort section, and 150 in economy.  The seven aircraft operating on international routes will be configured with 18 seats in first class, 28 in premium economy, and 151 in economy.

Forty-three of Delta’s 737-800 aircraft will be outfitted with in-seat video with satellite TV, and improved lavatories and LED cabin lighting. The aircraft will be laid out with 16 first-class seats, 18 premium-economy seats and 126 economy seats.  Upon completion, all of Delta’s 73 737-800 aircraft will receive in-seat video and personal power access in all cabins.

Delta has 57 A319 and 69 A320 aircraft, all of which will be receiving completely updated interiors, including LED lighting, as well as new seats, each with its own power source, in first-class and economy cabins. In addition, with improvements to galleys, lavatories, and overhead bins, the aircraft will offer 60% more space for carry-ons.

The A319 fleet, which will be receiving in-seat video with satellite TV, will have 12 seats in first class while the A320 will have 16.  Economy seats in both fleets will be .8 inches wider, matching Airbus’ call for industry standard 18” wide seats.  Both the A319 and A320 aircraft will have 18 seats in premium-economy with a seat pitch of 34 inches.  The A319’s 102 and the A320’s 126 economy seats will have a pitch of 31 inches.

The improvements are part of a continuing effort by Delta to improve customer experience in the aircraft.  The airline’s efforts began in 2010, when it began making upgrades and improvements to its aircraft.  Delta said they would  install fully lie-flat seats with direct-aisle access in BusinessElite on international widebody aircraft by mid-2014.  In addition, all transcontinental flights will be outfitted with lie-flat seats in BusinessElite by summer 2015.

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