Canadian Government Forces British Airways to Change Tariff Provisions

By Jesse Sokolow on 17 January 2014
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Canadian Border

The Canadian Transportation Agency released a decision on Friday that forces British Airways to change certain of its tariff provisions by February 14.  Among the provisions impacted by the ruling were baggage liability, loss, damage, or delay of baggage, and scheduling changes.

Friday’s decision goes back to a complaint filed by one Gábor Lukács early last year, in which he alleged that some sections of British Airways’ tariffs were both unclear and inconsistent with accepted international conventions, including the Montreal Convention and Warsaw convention.  The Canadian Transportation Agency agreed with Lukács’ submission, repeatedly writing in the decision that the submissions by him “are more compelling than those by British Airways,”

In 2013, the Agency issued 16 decisions, which have ordered specific airlines to make changes to their policies, namely, addressing problems of clarity, reasonableness, and discriminatory aspects of their tariff provisions that affect the rights of passengers.

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