Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 – Review

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The Minx Air's ports

The Minx Air’s ports


Playing music through the Minx Air was a cinch no matter how I went about it.  I was able to stream audio via AirPlay, through the auxiliary connection, via Bluetooth, and the Wi-Fi service.  The Internet radio presets can be programmed using a smartphone and a free Android or iOS app, although, as is usually the case, the app needs some fine-tuning.  Overall ease of use is undeniable.

The sound quality of the Minx Air is quite impressive, with refined audio and a lower end that doesn’t overwhelm. Even at high audio levels, which were surprisingly loud for such a small speaker system, the quality didn’t falter (that is until pushing the bass up all the way, then things became just a tad muddy).  When the speaker is on but not in use, a mildly bothersome hiss can be heard – imperceptible from more than a few feet away, but an annoyance in close proximity to my office desk.

The Minx Air excels at filling a room with sound.  Undoubtedly the 6.5” subwoofer helps making the speaker sound great, but the Minx doesn’t quite live up to the expectations one may have for a $600 system – namely greater clarity and detail on mid-range tones.  I was more than satisfied by the results, but not overly impressed – I’ve found similar audio quality from speakers and stereo systems half the price, although those systems didn’t boast wireless playback or Wi-Fi radio access.


With wireless speakers, performance, style and ease of use play a large role.  Those looking for an easy way to enjoy wireless music at great quality should consider the Minx Air 200 as an addition to a home stereo system; its versatility, portability, and satisfying audio levels make it a worthy contender in the ever-growing one-box stereo system market.  Audiophiles who want more bang for their buck and aren’t too concerned with wireless media playback should look elsewhere.  $599 at Amazon.

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