Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 – Review

By Jeremy Del Nero on 21 January 2014
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One major tech trend that’s seen significant advances in the past decade is the adoption of wireless capabilities in modern electronic devices.  From Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to Near Field Communication (NFC), consumers are all about ditching cables for wireless alternatives, and audio devices have been at the forefront of this movement.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi audio solutions have become increasingly popular as well, and Cambridge Audio’s Minx Air 200 wireless speaker system provides a hassle-free approach to enjoying music without the tangle of cords.  The Minx can link with virtually any Bluetooth-equipped smartphone, tablet, or computer and it also supports Wi-Fi playback.  Once connected to a Wi-Fi network, any compatible Apple device with AirPlay on the same network can stream audio to the speaker.  Additionally, the Minx can store up to five Wi-Fi presets for Internet radio play.

At 11 pounds, the Minx was a little larger and heavier than I had expected.  A carrying handle provides portability between listening locations but the lack of internal battery power means the device requires an AC outlet.  Its white, silver, and brushed grey tones allow the device to elegantly fit in nearly any interior design.


The Minx Air needs to connect to a Wi-Fi network for one to enjoy its full range of capabilities.  Powering the speaker puts it in Wi-Fi pairing mode allowing it to be accessed by a computer or tablet in order to connect it to a Wi-Fi network.  This is accomplished by using a browser on the connected device to display the settings page for the speaker.  Then it’s just a matter of selecting the network from the drop down menu on the page, and entering the appropriate password to finish setting up.

The speakers can also connect to a Wi-Fi network via Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) where available on your router.  Just press the WPS buttons on the Minx Air and on the router and the two should pair within two minutes.

An alternative, for those who have slow or no Wi-Fi service and want wireless audio playback, is to connect a Bluetooth-capable device directly to the Minx. Setup is accomplished by the usual Bluetooth pairing procedure and takes only a few moments.

Additionally, virtually any audio source may also be used with the speakers via a standard 3.5mm audio connector.

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