American Airlines to Stay with Sabre

By Paul Riegler on 27 January 2014
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American Airlines check-in area at JFK

American Airlines check-in area at JFK

American Airlines, which merged with US Airways in December, announced it would continue to use Sabre as the combined carrier’s reservation system.

Sabre is used for flight schedules and reservations for customers and employees, and also manages numerous other functions ranging from passenger check-in to the boarding process.

US Airways currently uses a different system, Shares, and it will take up to two years to integrate that airline into the system.

Sabre, which stands for Semi-automated Business Research Environment, was developed by American Airlines in the 1950s and later spun off as a standalone company.

American chose the system used by the larger airline.  “American has Sabre and US Airway has Shares but if you look at mergers that were successful, you look for where the least disruption would be [in a system conversion],” said Andrew Nocella, the airline’s chief marketing officer in an earlier interview with Frequent Business Traveler.

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