Lobby Bar – December 13: Getting on Santa’s Naughty List, the Statute of Time Traveling Limitations, Mr. T Speaks Out on In-flight Calling, and Bumper Bars with BMWs

By Jeremy Del Nero on 13 December 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

DSC_0303The hottest new couple.  Hell froze over. Pigs have flown.  The fat lady has finally sung.  Use whatever cliché you want; it isn’t going to change the fact that American Airlines and US Airways are officially an item as of Monday.  Here’s what you need to know about their merger timeline.

Free things, please and thank you.  Find out what bugged readers the most about redeeming frequent flyer travel awards.  In the words of Justice Kagan, “If I knew that it was really up to you to give me the free ticket… I’d find another company that actually gave me the free ticket.”

A dime a dozen.  Head to your nearest parking lot for a game of bumper cars!  Or, if you value your $40,000 vehicle in the slightest, consider putting on some winter tires to help you and your vehicle make it safely through the current artic blast.

Streaming speeds faster than your dog.  Jonathan Spira flies JetBlue’s shortest route, from JFK to JFK, and tests out the airline’s new in-flight Wi-Fi product, cutely named Fly-Fi.  The great news is you can now watch Netflix or Hulu in the air rather than that romantic comedy you’ve seen 86 times.

Express reindeer service.  Jeremy Del Nero (present!) suggests a few secluded hotels that you can escape to this holiday season.  For the most express service to the hotel, we suggest going on your roof at approximately 2:36 A.M. on December 25 and hijack Santa’s sleigh.

I pity the fool.  A couple weeks ago, we heard that in-flight mobile calling might become a reality.  Now, there’s a bill in congress, cosponsored by Mr. T, that seeks to ban all jibber-jabber in the air.  The Department of Transportation issued a statement too, and seems to be siding with Mr. T on this one.

Blurring the smart/illegal line.  Last year at this time, gas was more expensive throughout almost all of the U.S.  Midway through writing the article, Jesse got an idea to travel back to 1996, fill up several jugs of gasoline, and sell them in 2013 for a 300% profit.

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