American Airlines Airbus A321T: Virtual Tour and Review

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American Airlines A321T Main Cabin Extra Premium Economy

A321T business-class seats

A321T business-class seats

The Main Cabin Extra premium-economy section is arranged in a 3-3 configuration with 36 conventional seats.

Each seat is 18” wide (compared to 17.5” on the 767-200) and, depending on location, has a pitch of 35” to 37”.  The recline is 6”, compared to 4” in coach.

Each passenger gets a 9” monitor for in-flight entertainment as well as a USB port and AC power outlet.  In-flight entertainment options are the same as in first- and business-class.

American Airlines A321T Main Cabin

The AA A321T main cabin also has 36 seats arranged in a 3-3 configuration.

Each of the 135 seats is 18” wide (again, slightly wider than on the 767-200) and has a seat pitch that ranges from 31” to 32”.  Passengers get a 9” monitor along with an AC power outlet and USB port.  Compared to AA’s fleet of 767-200s, passengers have slightly more room as pitch was 32” overall.

My own testing found the new seat design to be comfortable and I definitely found I had ample knee room (American says the seats have more knee room than the prior-generation coach seats).


Ironically, by deploying a smaller plane, American Airlines is giving its premium passengers unparalleled comfort and giving coach passengers what it promised a decade ago, when it introduced the slogan more Room Throughout Coach.  The Airbus A321T is truly innovative and industry-leading in seating, personal space, and passenger comfort.

This is good news because frequent flyers complain about a lack of personal space in the aircraft more than anything else.  In our annual Frequent Business Traveler Air Travel Pet Peeve Surveys,  a lack of personal space is one of the top peeves consistently cited, year after year.

The new A321T gives 65% of the airplane’s passengers (i.e. first class, business class, and premium economy) more room compared with the outgoing aircraft despite being a smaller aircraft.  Amenities such as faster Wi-Fi, electrical outlets and USB ports at every seat, and more comfortable seating throughout the cabin, are icing on the cake.

Jeremy Del Nero contributed reporting to this article.

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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