Lobby Bar – Baked in the Air, Unruly Audience Members, Corny Revolts, and Unadventurous Porsche Drivers

By Jeremy Del Nero on 22 November 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

DSC_0221The new Cookie Monster.  Paul Riegler flies in First Class from Chicago to New York on an American Airlines flight.  Although he took a quick pillow-less nap on board, Mr. Riegler was not dreaming when the flight attendants brought around freshly baked cookies.  He devoured three dozen of them.

Mom said no. Let’s ask dad! Let’s take a moment to look back on U.S. airline strikes in the past three decades.  Times have changed now, and airline employees no longer need to stomp their feet to get raises. Just ask dad, I mean Doug Parker, about that.

Apple of my eye.  Jonathan Spira checks into the Shangri-La hotel in Tokyo.  For Horizon Club guests, a wakeup call is accompanied by the delivery of a hot beverage.  Diamond Horizon Club guests receive the coffee in addition to a MacBook of their choice.

Conducting a ruckus.  Tanglewood has announced the dates and schedule of its 2014 season.  Last year, Jesse caused some trouble when he brought own baton and silently conducted half of the orchestra for about thirty seconds.  He was not invited back this year.

Day in and day out. Airbus and Boeing reported taking a record $193 billion in orders in the first two hours of the Dubai Air Show.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about the news, but flying a total of 28 hours to and from Dubai for a two hour announcement left me a little peeved, and with jelly legs.

Snide and prejudice.  US Airways announced plans to leave Star Alliance by March 1 and join oneworld the following month.  Star Alliance was a little miffed that US Airways would willingly leave, but kept its head high, telling US Airways to “turn off the light on the way out.”

Runway racing.  Delta expanded its Porsche car service to three new airports.  The airline will transport diamond guests to their connecting terminal, although, as we were disappointed to find out, the chauffeurs will not bring the Porsche up to its max speed in an attempt to surpass aircraft on the runway.

Carb consumption increases.  The Environmental Protection Agency proposed a reduction in the levels of ethanol to be blended into gasoline.  In seemingly unrelated news, 247,000 farmers descended on Washington, waving their pitchforks on the White House lawn and yelling something about corn.

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