Review: I-Mego Walker Junior Headphones

By Jeremy Del Nero on 15 October 2013
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I-Mego Walker Junior Headphones

I-Mego Walker Junior Headphones

If aliens had just landed on Earth and, fashionably, were wearing headphones, those might very well be I-Mego’s Walker Juniors.  The Walker Juniors look cool, yet exotic and distinguished, although it’s all finished in black save for two white X’s on the ear cups, which look as though they’ve been embroidered.

Although it has large over-the-ear cups, the Walker Junior looks almost skeletal. Indeed, it’s fully collapsible for optimal portability; the ear cups fold in and up and a release lever in the middle of the headband allows it to fold into a very compact form.  At the same time, sufficient padding provides ample comfort.

The Walker Junior includes a 4-foot (1.2 meter) 3.5 mm detachable audio cable, an AAA battery for powering the noise canceling function, a 1/4-inch headphone adapter, an airline jack adapter, and a drawstring carrying pouch decorated with two probing alien eyes


As is the case with other headphones, use involves simply unfolding them and plugging in the audio cable.

While the Walker Junior’s AAA battery isn’t rechargeable, it is only a single cell and is much easier to replace than in other headphones I have used.  There’s no need to remove an earcup, just open a compartment door on the right earcup and slide in the battery.  A power switch on the right earcup activates the noise canceling function.  An average alkaline battery should supply the Walker Junior with about ten hours of noise-canceling playback.

The headband is, of course, adjustable to fit various head sizes.

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