LOT Polish Airlines Premium Club Dreamliner Flight 007 New York-Warsaw, Poland – Review

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Unfortunately, when it came time to sleep, I realized that 132° wasn’t enough of a recline for me.  DSC_0544Most passengers in the Premium Club cabin were, however, soundly asleep.  As the sun started to come up, I was granted a pleasant reprieve from sleep: an invitation to visit the Dreamliner’s flight deck by the captain.  Camera in hand, as there’s no better place for a good view, I listened carefully as the captain explained the workings of the cockpit including the head-up display.  He was clearly proud of the Dreamliner and what it represented for LOT.

Shortly after returning to my seat, it was time for breakfast, also served on a tray with crisp white linens.  The meal consisted of an assortment of cold cuts, cheeses, yoghurt, fresh fruit, and rolls, accompanied by a selection of juices and coffee or tea.  I was surprisingly hungry, even though I had only had dinner a few hours earlier.  And, just like dinner, breakfast was excellent and would have been at home in most business-class cabins.


Because of a 56-minute departure delay, we ended up at the gate atDSC_0585 Warsaw Chopin Airport late as well. Since I didn’t check any bags and was one of the first off the aircraft, I was through passport control in minutes and soon on my way to my hotel in Warsaw.


For a small airline, LOT is quite innovative.  Yes, it was quite risky to be the first airline in Europe to fly the Dreamliner and the January grounding certainly didn’t help things. But now that risk is about to pay off.  LOT was also the first airline to put a premium economy section in a Dreamliner and my considered opinion is that this, too, is a winner.

The fact that the flight attendants seemed to be enjoying the service as well as being on the new aircraft was evident in their cheerful manner and how they interacted with passengers, making for a very enjoyable flight.

This long-postponed flight was my first ever trip to Poland and the experience has me already thinking of a return visit, most certainly on a LOT Dreamliner.

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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