LOT Polish Airlines Premium Club Dreamliner Flight 007 New York-Warsaw, Poland – Review

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DSC_0316LOT’s Premium Club premium-economy cabin is very much reminiscent of business-class cabins of the late 1990s and early 2000s, before the advent of lie-flat seating in business.

Premium Club is a completely separate cabin on the Dreamliner with 21 seats arranged in a 2-3-2 layout.  Each seat is 19.5” wide and has a pitch of 38”.  My seat, 4F in the bulkhead row, was particularly roomy.  The seat reclines to an angle of 132° and has a leg rest and adjustable headrest.  Seats behind the bulkhead row also have a footrest.

When comparing LOT’s premium-economy section to business class, it’s important to keep in mind that, TN the past, 2-3-2 seating was not unheard of in business class and, perhaps more importantly, that some airlines still have 2-3-2 seating arrangements in business class on older aircraft.

A 10.6” monitor was stored in one armrest and the seat also had its own power outlet and USB port.DSC_0354

Indeed, the only thing I felt was missing in the cabin was a separate lavatory; Premium Club passengers use the lavatories located behind row 19 in the main cabin.

For sitting, dining, and reading, the seats provided excellent support.  Indeed, my compliments to the designer here. Sleeping, however, at least for me, was a somewhat different story.


As comfortable as the seats in the Premium Club cabin were, it was the service that really made me think “business class” during the flight.  Shortly after takeoff, the cabin crew began the dinner service, first offering drinks accompanied by a ramekin of mixed nuts.

Dinner was served on a tray set with crisp white linens and a white napkin with LOT embossed in silver.  The napkin had a button hole to allow it to be secured to one’s shirt, a thoughtful touch also offered by several other airlines that has kept my shirts clean despite turbulence while dining.DSC_0385

Similar to a dine-upon-request meal on other airlines, everything (except dessert) was served on one tray, from appetizer to fruit and cheese.  This included a delicious smoked salmon and artichoke appetizer, a salad (sadly, no choice of dressings and I am not a fan of raspberry vinaigrette), the main course, and a small cheese plate accompanied by walnuts.

The main course was chicken accompanied by a delectable couscous in a cream sauce.

Flight attendants offered warm bread (from a large bread basket) several times during the meal and were very attentive in terms of keeping glasses filled.

Dessert time was upon us but I asked for a short reprieve in the form of a break before continuing.  On the dessert tray was a cup of coffee and a tart.  After dinner drinks were offered as well.

All in all, with the exception of the salad dressing, the meal was the equal of if not better of almost any business-class meal I’ve had on recent international flights.

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