LOT Polish Airlines’ Boeing 787 Dreamliner: Virtual Tour and Review

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LOT Elite Club seating

The aircraft itself is made using composite materials.  This has several implications beyond the fuel savings derived from the lower weight, including cabin pressure set to 1,800 m (6,000 ft) altitude instead of 2,400 m (8,000 ft), which is the norm on older aircraft. As a result, passengers should experience fewer headaches and arrive at their destinations less fatigued because the lower altitude allows the blood to absorb more oxygen.

For improved air quality relative humidity is maintained at 15% instead of 4%, also possible due to the use of composites, which, unlike metals, aren’t subject to corrosion.  Cabin air is provided by compressors instead of engine-bleed air, a far more efficient process that uses less energy; the use of HEPA filters that remove airborne particles, a gaseous filtration system that removes odors, irritants, and gaseous contaminants that can bother throats, eyes, and noses, and a system that removes ozone from outside air also contribute to passenger comfort.


LOT Elite Club Business Class

DSC_0346LOT’s long-haul Dreamliners feature the LOT Elite Club seating in a 2-2-2 configuration.  Each seat is 23” wide and the seat pitch is 78”.   There is an ottoman (which becomes part of the bed) at each seat.  The seats recline and expand to a fully-flat, bed-like position.

The business-class seats are fully adjustable.  The seat’s bed position is a true 180° lie-flat bed and passengers can adjust the four-way lumbar support and move the seat forward and backward, all with just the push of a button on an electronic touchpad.

Lighting is also fully adjustable. In addition to an overhead light, there a small LED reading lamp.  Each seat also has a USB port that can be used to charge a smartphone and a power outlet (which accepts U.S. and European plugs) to power your laptop.

While a 2-2-2 configuration sounds dense, the seats themselves are wider than what is DSC_0349found in other 787 business-class cabins (for example, United’s is 22” and ANA’s is 21”).  The pitch is also significantly greater at 78” versus United’s 60” and ANA’s 62”.

The one amenity that the business-class cabin lacks is direct aisle access for all seats.  Passengers opting for a window seat must climb over the person occupying the aisle seat to move about the cabin.  This means that one third of the business-class cabin (six passengers in this case) do not have direct aisle access.  This is worthy of note because all-direct aisle access is becoming more and more important in the hotly competitive business-class arena.

Each seat has a 15.4” video display controlled by a remote that has a small keyboard to facilitate use.  The system offers passengers a variety of movies, news programs, music tracks, games, and videos.  Passengers can also watch the moving map which has a variety of views.

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