Delta Flight 161 BusinessElite New York-Seattle – Review

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At my seat was a black Tumi amenity kit in the luggage maker’s trademark ballistic nylon replete DSC_0024with black Tumi eyeshades (perhaps the best eyeshade I’ve received on a plane), a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip moisturizer and hand lotion from Matin+Goetz, a New York-based apothecary.   Also in the case were tissues, antibacterial wipes, earplugs, shoe polish, black non-skid socks, a comb, and a pen.

Anticipating the long day ahead of me, including meetings and a dinner upon landing, I took the opportunity to test out the bed capabilities of the seat and promptly settled into Morpheus’ embrace.


Three o’clock in the afternoon may be an unusual time for an in-flight meal, but I decided to sample the fare once the service started.

After a refreshing beverage (ginger ale in my case) and warm nuts and pretzels, DSC_0027we were served an antipasto misto that included roasted yellow beets with mint and peppers on crushed pepper-crusted goat cheese. Also served were a shaved carrot salad, white bean and sweet pea puree, and coppa with crostini and fennel spice.  That plate was accompanied by eggplant caponata, served with a mesclun mix and a parmesan dip with warm bread.

It was too much food.  I chose to take a nap before continuing with the entrée and, two and a half hours later, I asked the cabin crew to warm the leftovers.

I had opted for the braised beef short ribs with creamy polenta and sautéed spinach, which was quite good. Other choices on the menu included fusilli with sundried tomatoes and mushrooms and grilled shrimp wrapped in pancetta.

Admittedly, I only made it through half of the beef (but all of the polenta). Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-03 um 23.17Dessert was preceded by a selection of cheeses including prima donna, cambozola, and robiola with fruit. Gelato was next, but I declined it as I was quite sated by then.  I did have a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie with tea one hour prior to landing, however.


We landed on schedule and I was one of the first to disembark.  Not having checked any luggage, I was on my way to my hotel in a matter of minutes.


Delta is clearly upping the ante on the New York-Seattle route and it will be interesting to see how competitors respond.  As of now, it’s the only airline flying the route with lie-flat seats and no one else has announced plans to do so.  With a combination of the excellent seating as well as the friendly and efficient service, Delta’s flight was a superior way to get to my destination rested and relaxed and ready for work or play.

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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