Brussels Airport: Your Airport, Our Airport

By Jeremy Del Nero on 10 October 2013
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Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-10 um 15.03We were so taken with Munich Airport’s “Come Away With Me” video that we scoured the web to see what other airports are doing.  It turns out that Flughafen München wasn’t the first airport to record its own video as earlier this year, Brussels Airport produced “Your Airport, Our Airport.”

The stage, Brussels Airport, is set immediately by the song “Airport”, a hit single in the U.K. in 1978 by the Motors.  As it begins, airport workers and travelers start smiling and breaking into their choreographed dance moves.  The cast of the video, all employees of Brussels Airport (186, to be exact), take us through a sort of guided tour of the facility, stopping at opportune moments to lip sync, pose, and dance for the camera.

As they all sing and dance their way through the airport, the viewer can’t help joining in the fun.  Unlike the Munich video, “Your Airport, Our Airport” tries to include an element of comedy, such as a man pushing a trolley that has nearly a dozen suitcases stacked on it, and a pair of domineering female security checkpoint agents who, throughout the video, make a traveler slowly strip until he’s exposed to their liking.

In a series of brief vignettes, flight attendants are literally blown away by a jet engine exhaust blast, a maintenance worker is faced with the daunting task of inflating an aircraft’s wheels with a bicycle pump, and (perhaps rather inexplicably), Zorro finds himself chased away by airport security.

Although funny and entertaining, the video serves well to remind passengers that the airport experience doesn’t have to be tedious or ordinary.  It may be worth a trip to Brussels Airport just to meet some of the characters in the video!

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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