Aeroflot Launches Dobrolet Budget Airline

By Paul Riegler on 10 October 2013
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An Aeroflot aircraft in Krakow

An Aeroflot aircraft in Krakow

Aeroflot introduced Dobrolet, its own low-cost carrier, on Thursday.  Dobrolet, which can be loosely translated as the “nice flight” airline, is the name of an Aeroflot predecessor company that dates back to 1923.

Dobrolet will commence operations in the second quarter of 2014 and will initially fly from its main hub in Moscow to Saint Petersburg and eight other cities within Russia.

The new airline will operate one-class Boeing 737-800NGs in a navy and sky-blue livery that includes Dobrolet spelled out in Russian.

Aeroflot said that the Dobrolet’s fares will be 40% less expensive compared to current ticket prices in the market.  The airline also said that Dobrolet’s aircraft will have more seats in the cabin thanks to a reduction in the pitch between rows.  In addition, seats will not recline and there will be no in-flight entertainment systems on board.

While Dobrolet will not have a business-class cabin, it will offer “comfort” seats as well as priority boarding and in-flight meals at extra cost.

In order for Dobrolet to be able to launch, the Russian government will need to pass legislation that allows “existing norms of the global industry, such as non-refundable tickets, meals on board for a fee, [and] baggage fees,” said Vitally Saveliev, Aeroflot’s CEO.  He also wants legislation passed that will allow the airline to hire foreign pilots “to reduce the shortage of aircraft captions.”

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