Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer – Review

By Jeremy Del Nero on 27 September 2013
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An overhead view of the scale

An overhead view of the scale

In the age of technologically advanced devices – smartphones, smart watches, and smart TVs – I didn’t think that I’d ever see (or need) a smart scale.  Then, Withings, a company dedicated to providing a suite of health apps and products, released its SmartBody Analyzer, a “one-stop health tracking scale”.  The scale provides an intuitive and easy-to-use way to monitor one’s health online via a profile.

The scale connects to a Wi-Fi network and sends health data to the profile.  It keeps track of one’s weight, resting heart rate, body fat percentage, and once an hour it takes a reading of the temperature and CO2 levels in the room.  The scale, all in black with a glossy finish, is modern looking and attractive.  It may be used both on bare floors and on carpeted surfaces, the latter requiring the use of rug feet that come with it.


To set up the scale, I first created a free Withings account and entered key information such as age, weight, height, goals, and lifestyle habits.

Then, I needed to link it up to a Bluetooth-equipped smartphone or computer.  Both iPhone and Android mobile platforms are supported.

Pressing a small dimpled button on the bottom of the scale initiated the connection protocol and the scale appeared on the Bluetooth menu on my phone.  The connection prompts the download of a free Withings app.  The app is primarily in place to connect your Withings scale to your Wi-Fi network, to which it will upload your health data, although it can also be used to add other users to the scale and track health stats.  The scale supports up to eight users.

Once the scale connected to my Wi-Fi network, it was ready for use.

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