Photo Essay: The Cathedral of Cars

By Jim Perry on 26 September 2013
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FRANKFURT—The great cathedrals with their marble pillars and intricate artwork were designed to impress, imparting a sense of awe at something grand.  Certainly, in their time, the builders of such grand pieces of architecture must have been involved in some kind of competition, each wanting to construct the best and most inspiring house of worship.  While these many great landmarks still dot the European landscape, automakers have perfected the building of temporary cathedrals, designed to both inspire and be built and dismantled in a few weeks time.  Full of video walls as large as drive-in theater screens and hidden garages from where the cars enter elevated roadways or a grand stage, the cathedrals of cars at Frankfurt this year were marvels of temporary construction.

Mercedes at IAA

The Mercedes pavilion imparted a sense of awe with its arena of turntables and a sky of starry lights.

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