Lobby Bar – September 6: A Fatal Error in History, 300 Tired Horses, Musical Madness, and 6 A.M. Raves

By Jeremy Del Nero on 6 September 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

DSC_1286Welcome back, tasty treat.  Join Jesse Sokolow in recounting great moments in September throughout travel history.  Jesse went back a bit too far in his latest time traveling stint, but the only consequence seems to be a positive one: the return of Twinkies.

Staycation.  Ramsey Quebein relaxes on a cruise from New Jersey’s Cape Liberty port to Bermuda.  I tried reviewing my summer vacation as well, but there’s not much to say about a subway ride to Rockaway Beach (it was late, bumpy, had beautiful views, and got me there in one piece).

Good luck sleeping.  Cory Healy looks into Film Week at Lincoln Center, where the New York Philharmonic will perform the soundtrack while a film is being screened.  For an added fee, the orchestra will follow you around and compose a soundtrack for your life.

A villian needs a hero.  Dan Collins logs 2,000 miles on his trip around the country in a BMW ActiveHybrid 5.  Although he classifies most hybrids as evil and underperforming, find out why the ActiveHybrid 5 may just be his knight in shining armour.

Dancing, we swear.  The InterContinental Toronto Centre has interesting way of motivating its housekeepers.  Hint: the activity involves sweating, heavy breathing, and usually takes less than ten minutes, yet it’s G-rated.

Sounds familiar.  United and Continental pilots have, several years after their merger, worked out an integrated seniority list.  American and US Airways lawyers looked longingly at situation, wishing that the only thing to figure out on their end was an integrated seniority list.

Frequently used benefits.  Tell us what travel-related credit card benefits are most important to you.  It was a tough call for us, but our favorite benefit has to be the once-a-day time traveling offer; heck, Jesse uses it all the time.

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