Apple iPhone 5c, 5s, iOS 7 – First Look and Review

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AirDrop and other sharing tools

AirDrop and other sharing tools

Updates to apps can now be installed automatically when they become available.  The first time you click on Updates in the App Store, the system will ask you if you want to turn this feature on.

Popular Near Me allows you to find a collection of curated apps based on your current location.   I tried this feature in the middle of New York City but it told me there were no apps for my current location so this must be a work in progress although it sounds promising.

AirDrop makes it easy to share something with contacts who are close by.  If someone’s not in your contact list, that person can activate AirDrop and you can send him files too.

Finally, the Messages app seems to allow for much faster typing and autocorrect also seems to be better.

Perhaps not that small in signifiance is the Control Center.  Instead of having to sift through layers of settings to change something as simple as brightness, a simple swipe upwards gave me access to the brightness setting, volume, airplane mode, toggle switches for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and more.  An extra bonus is the flashlight button that converts the iPhone into a powerful flashlight.


While it takes time to get used to any change, and this is a major one, my initial experience with iOS 7 and Apple’s new wares shows that change is good and the small amount of time required to gain familiarity with new features and improvements is well worth the effort.

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