Poll: Most Flyers Observe Onboard Safety Procedures and Prefer Demos to Videos

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Delta aircraft at JFK

Delta aircraft at JFK

As a result, many airlines are working overtime to get passengers to watch the safety video.  Air New Zealand uses Hobbit-inspired Middle-earth characters including elves, hobbits, and dwarfs and embeds clues for a contest in the video.  Delta intersperses humorous vignettes into its videos, including a passenger who stows his typewriter for takeoff, a man with two left feet, and a cameo appearance by Abraham Lincoln.

In terms of personal safety measures, readers were asked whether or not they locate the nearest exit when they fly.   Almost everyone, over 95%, replied that they do.  Indeed, the vast majority of readers, 75.7%, said that they always do, while 20.1% said they sometimes do, and 4.2% said they never do.  FlyerTalk member Annalisa12 said that, in addition to watching the safety demonstration, she always makes sure to look around to locate the nearest exits.

When asked about seatbelt-wearing habits, seatbelt72.9% of survey participants said that they always keep the seatbelt fastened when they are in their seats.  22.4% said they sometimes do, and 1% said they do if they remember, while 3.7% said they never wear their seatbelt.

Frequent Business Traveler readers and FlyerTalk members are among the most experienced and seasoned travelers on the globe.  The fact that most of them still pay attention to the safety demonstrations after years of flying emphasizes the importance of revisiting the question of safety on each and every flight.  It makes sense that experienced travelers take safety matters into their own hands by locating the nearest exit and unconditionally keeping their seatbelts buckled on each and every time they fly.

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