Munich Airport: Come Away With Me

By Jonathan Spira on 30 August 2013
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Lufthansa Ticket Counter at Munich Airport

Lufthansa Ticket Counter at Munich Airport

Airports can be boring, a place you have to go to as opposed to one you want to go to.  Few people, if any, sing about going to the airport.  That is, unless you are an employee at Munich Airport (Flughafen München) where employees sing about wanting passengers to come away with them.

Roughly 200 airport employees and other workers at the airport got together in a quirky, OK Go-like video and lip-synced “Come Away With Me” by the Donots.  Featured are airline gate agents, security personnel, airport police, customs officers, the airport fire department, housekeeping from the on-premises Kempinski hotel, shopkeepers, business travelers, passengers, and of course FC Bayern football fans.

The lyrics,

Come away with me
While the world’s asleep
Walk from sea to shining sea

are enough to make you want to book a ticket right there and then.

Munich Airport is one of my favorite airports and the Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich is on airport property, although the hotel’s beds are usually not parked on the tarmac.


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