Lobby Bar – August 30: Bodysnatching Court Dates, Picturesque Cement, An Army of Words, and Sometimes Black and White is Better

By Jeremy Del Nero on 30 August 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

DSC_0529Invasion of the new words.  Jonathan Spira shares the latest additions to the Oxford Online Dictionary.  Don’t get FOMO, study up on these terms because YOLO, you know.

Paging Chris Christie.  Jeremy Del Nero test-drives a 2014 Ford Fiesta around New Jersey.  Along the drive, Jeremy noticed two shocking things: the 2014 Fiesta drives quite nicely and there are in fact some nice parts of New Jersey.

Unconventional benefits.  Join us in our newest poll about which travel-related credit card benefits are most important to you.  From personal llama assistance to hot air balloon insurance, we’ve got all your favorite activities covered.

Spirit chair.  Jeremy Del Nero takes a seat… er, a lean, on the Mogo travel seat.  Get your mojo on with Mogo in public – the more people who stare at you, the more hip you become.

The opposite of Pleasantville?  Take a walk through the Newport Jazz Festival with photographer Jim Perry.  Don’t get too immersed in the beautiful black and white photos – eventually you’ll return to the billions of colors of real life.

Sweet dreams.  Take a look at the super catchy Come Away With Me video featuring Munich Airport.  The last time I was walking through an airport and everybody burst into song, I was abruptly shaken awake by a flight attendant while in flight.

Auditions for Tosca are this way.  The judge overseeing the American Airines-US Airways antitrust suit has fast-tracked the trial date.  Remember, it’s not over until…

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