2014 Ford Fiesta – Test Drive and First Look

By Jeremy Del Nero on 24 August 2013
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Henry Ford’s 150th birthday fell on Tuesday, July 30 in 2013 and, perhaps somewhat coincidentally, IMGP1836Ford rolled out its 2014 Fiesta to the media that day at an event in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.

As a participant in the celebration, I found myself on a forty-minute ferry ride, enjoying stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and Verrazano-Narrows Bridge along the way. After stepping off the bobbing platform and regaining my connection with solid ground, I looked up to see a fleet of candy colored Ford Fiestas, beautifully arranged on a thin stretch of gravel connecting the port to the street.  They looked cute and playful in their rainbow formation.

Disclaimer:  this is my first automobile review and, since I turned driving age about seven years ago, I’ve only owned and driven one car: a 2001 Chevrolet Prizm whose features included air conditioning and radio.

After being handed a key to a bright red Fiesta, IMGP1838I sat in the driver’s seat, turned on the ignition and, after engaging first gear and removing my foot from the brake, releasing the clutch made the car practically leap off the gravel onto the roadway.  At this point, I quickly realized how unresponsive the gas pedal on my Prizm had been.

Meanwhile, the Fiesta was secretly wowing me.  It was responsive, comfortable, and purred quietly so I didn’t have to crank up the radio’s volume.  I could feel its sure-footed grip on the road as I turned corners and I felt safe in the little car.  For the first time since moving to New York City, a desire to own such a machine sparked within me.

Proceeding on the Atlantic Highlands streets and roads I tested out various features of the car.  To start, I made sweeping judgments about it: I don’t like the steering; it seems to glide effortlessly; the radio layout is confusing; the brakes are too responsive.

The route covered a range of road surfaces, inclines, and curves.  IMGP1845The Fiesta behaved competently, but given my one chance to floor the gas pedal, while merging onto a short stretch of highway, I was unimpressed by the pickup.  But quickly realizing that the Fiesta performed admirably for what it was, and would suit its market nicely; I was perhaps expecting too much with regards to the 0-60 acceleration because all other features blew my Prizm out of the water.

After a day of hugging winding turns and coasting down hills with beautifully green vistas, I gained a newfound appreciation for the Garden State and its roads.   Likewise, the Fiesta had won me over.

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