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By Jeremy Del Nero on 2 July 2013
  • Share's home page’s home page, a social hospitality service, announced the launch of its Facebook app and overhauled website.

Participants must sign up with their Facebook account, a measure included to validate identity and simplify the experience., although there is no charge for the service  Upon registration, users may begin using Tint’s website or Facebook App to network with travelers or hosts.

Members can look up a city of interest to find friends, and friends of friends, who may be willing to connect.  Hosts can offer a place to sleep, or may just guide visitors around their city or grab some food or a drink at their favorite eatery or watering hole.  Hosts get to show off their city and offer hospitality to those in need, while travelers are able to view a city through a more intimate and local lens.

Although the site boasts the ability to connect with people you may know, or at the very least friends of these people, one may post a public request to stay with anybody in a city.  Likewise, hosts can see a list of travelers in their city who are looking to connect.with locals.

Tint currently has 20,000 users, although it expects to reach 100,000 by September.

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