Lobby Bar – July 5: Anne Robinson Chimes in, a Very Special Invitation, and Another One Bites the Dust

By Jeremy Del Nero on 5 July 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

DSC_0087Join the dark side.  Frequent Business Traveler is inviting readers to the annual GlobeRunner Awards Ceremony in NYC.  We were thinking of taking the Hunger Games route of drawing little slips of paper from a giant glass ball, but didn’t want to give the impression that there would be a fight to the death at the event.

Only the British version.  Readers rated their level of satisfaction with their ability to redeem awards through their frequent flyer programs.  Not to give away any spoilers, but, Air Canada Aeroplan, you are the weakest link, goodbye.

Etiquette in the air.  We want to hear from you: what bugs you the most about air travel?  Is there a polite way to request that the gentleman behind you stop jamming his foot into the back of your seat?

I don’t have to walk?  Dan Collins stays the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Atlanta, which, unlike many spots in the city, is easily accessible via public transit.  Who even knew that Atlanta had a public transportation system?  We assumed the good people of Atlanta had perfected a teleportation prototype.

Less is more.  Jonathan Spira provides eight crucial packing tips to help you enjoy your summer trips with a lighter load.  Think twice; you probably don’t need those eight white dress shirts for a three-day business trip.

Oxygen, please.  Jesse Sokolow details historic travel moments in the month of July.  Jesse traveled back in time and wrote this month’s installment from the moon in 1969.  Say hi to Buzz for us, Jesse.

The Terminator returns.  AltaVista, one of the first search engines ever, will officially shut down on July 8.  Hasta la vista, Altavista.

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