Lobby Bar – July 12: Safety Crosswords, a New Use for an Old Friend, and Sassy Voice Commands

By Jeremy Del Nero on 12 July 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and Views

DSC_0864Safe, and sound?  Despite the recent crash of Asiana flight 214, the Boeing 777 maintains a respectable safety record.  Although a tragedy, we can’t help but feel a little thankful that the losses were not much greater.

On the bright side.  Find out why, following initially concerning pictures of the Asiana Boeing after its crash, the death toll was actually quite low.  We asked Boeing what indestructible material they used in their aircraft, to which the aircraft manufacturer replied, “recycled Nokia phones.”

Here we go again.  A Boeing 787 Dreamliner caught fire at London’s Heathrow Airport on Friday.  We told the flight crew not to play with matches, as did their mothers, but apparently they didn’t listen.

Access denied.  Jonathan Spira recalls his childhood on a recent trip to Vienna, highlighting his favorite musical events, hotels, and eateries.  Of course, Jesse is our only authorized time-traveling reporter, so Mr. Spira was denied use of the time machine and had to rely on memory.

Love is love.  The American Airlines merger with US Airways has officially been approved by the latter’s shareholders.  Just a few steps remain before the two airlines will be married, a union that is now legal under Proposition Infinity.

Missing pieces.  Jeremy Del Nero (yours truly) gets his hands on Penclic’s R2 Wireless Mouse and K2 Wireless Keyboard.  He wote tis sntnce wiith th kybord.

On the subject.  Did you watch the safety video or demonstration last time you flew?  Take our safety poll!  If they started putting crossword puzzles in the safety booklets, more passengers would read them.

You’re invited!  Readers in the New York City area are invited to the 2013 GlobeRunner Awards Ceremony, if they can prove themselves to be master business travelers in our short essay competition.  Although tempting, we are not accepting chocolate bribes from any applicants.

Same thing, right? Save the Worldport has turned to crowdfunding in its latest effort preserve the iconic terminal.  Preservationists suggested forming a human chain around the Worldport, but only had prior experience doing so with large trees.

That is not within my range of abilities.  Jonathan Spira takes the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit 4X4 for a spin.  While the car responded to voice commands, it did not deliver on Jonathan’s request for more torque, please.

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