FBT Readers to Attend 2013 GlobeRunner Awards Ceremony

By Jeremy Del Nero on 15 July 2013
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Fifteen Frequent Business Traveler readers have been selected as 2013Award-winners of our Master Frequent Business Traveler essay contest and will be joining us for the annual GlobeRunner Awards Ceremony in New York City.  The event will take place on Wednesday, July 17.

What our readers had to say is worthy of note:

“A Master Frequent Business Traveler knows how to navigate all facets of the travel experience from traveling to the airport, the efficient time at the airport and the flight.” – Gary Vura, New York City

“I learn how to be polite and say hello, good bye, please and thank you in the language of the place I am visiting.  I blend in rather than stick out and always smile.” – Patricia Riley, Summit, New Jersey

 “I am on the road, in a hotel, or in a plane at least 260 to 280 days of the year. In the past 34 years, I have used about 4,000 hotel nights in almost every hotel chain and flow on just about every airline.” – Abe Korn, Moriches, New York

One reader submitted a poem looking at the life of a frequent traveler that definitely caught our editors’ attention:

A traveler leads a life missing the after-flight vertigo.
A business keeps one home today and unexpectedly away tomorrow.
A frequency that only those who know it will recognize the feeling of disorientation when waking in the morning and asking, “where am I?”
A master knows that not every journey is about the destination.
– Amjed Saffarini, New York City

The complete list of winners is as follows:

Gustavo Alvarez
Sam Azar
Robert Burns
Joe Devon
Kathy Kass
Abe Korn
Levi Lewis
Mikhail Mashudi
David Nuttall
Lars-Erik Olson
Patricia Riley
Amjed Saffarini
Gary Vura
Joshua Weixelbaum
Tony Wohlfarth

Congratulations to the essay contest winners!  The 2013 GlobeRunner awards will be presented at the ceremony on Wednesday.  The results will also be published online.

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