Delta Flight 4502 First Class San Diego-Los Angeles: My Shortest Flight Ever – Review

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Prior to departure, the flight attendant responsible for the Foto8first-class cabin served everyone a pre-departure beverage and offered to hang up jackets and coats, an admittedly thankless task and somewhat futile gesture when going from San Diego to Los Angeles.

We left the gate two minutes behind schedule.

Although the flight was brief, the flight attendant did serve drinks and snacks and checked with each passenger in the cabin multiple times to see if anything was needed.

Because we would only have roughly 15 minutes at our cruising altitude, I didn’t purchase Gogo Internet access (it would only have been $3) and, instead, took the brief respite as a rare opportunity to relax and enjoy the flight.


Block to block, our travel time was 41 minutes and, as mentioned, we were in the air for a mere 27 of them.  Despite the slight delay in pushing back, we nonetheless arrived in Los Angeles ten minutes early.


I could have flown non-stop from New York to San Diego but I wanted to catch one of Delta’s newly-refurbished 767-300 widebody aircraft for the transcon portion.  This meant taking the short connecting flights between Los Angeles and San Diego.  On the outbound portion of my flight, I was successful but, even though the aircraft on the return flight still had the older-style recliners, it made up for this by having the comfy Westin Heavenly In Flight bedding.

The additional time spent in transit was minimal and, thanks to a thoroughly enjoyable flight, I enjoyed the opportunity to transit through LAX.

(Photos: Accura Media Group)

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