The Saint Paul Hotel, St. Paul, Minnesota – Review

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The hotel’s fitness room, located on the top floor, offered an overabundant20130330_132018 supply of treadmills, ellipticals, and biking machines.   In addition, all these cardiovascular machines were facing a wall of windows, allowing users to enjoy vistas of the Mississippi River as well as the city’s skyline.  Also available were free weights and a universal weight machine, offering avid gym-goers nearly everything they might need in a workout.


The Saint Paul offers several dining venues.  Breakfast and lunch are served at the M St. Café, located in the hotel’s basement.  My first morning I sampled the Northwoods Omelet (sans the Forest mushrooms), which was accompanied by a bowl of fruit and buttered toast.  The omelet, topped and overflowing with Gruyere cheese sauce and accompanied by sautéed asparagus, was warm and delectable.

Lunch 20130330_140420and dinner are both served at the St. Paul Grill, an independent establishment on the hotel’s premises. which is a casual yet elegant restaurant with a wide-ranging menu (they had a shot – yes, a shot – of Macallan 55 Scotch Whiskey for $755).  I had the Prime Rib French Dip Sandwich, along a side order of Fresh Asparagus Spears with Hollandaise.  Aside from my having to ask for more gravy on the sandwich (I like my sandwich to be on the verge of drowning), everything was perfect and most satisfying.

Meanwhile, my dining companion ordered the Beer Battered Walleye Sandwich (the Walleye is a fish native to Minnesota and the surrounding region).  Personally not much one for seafood, I declined his offer to sample some, though having said that, his sandwich did look quite good.  For dessert, we shared a decadent Chocolate Molten Lava Cake, and my only complaint was that we did in fact share it.


Once you’ve decided to visit the Twin Cities, choosing your hotel should be easy.  In addition to the Saint Paul Hotel’s convenient location (it is within walking distance of numerous landmarks, including the Ordway Theatre, the Science Museum, and the Xcel Energy Center, home of the NHL team the Minnesota Wild), I found the hotel accommodating and pleasant.  My room was excellent, the food was delicious, the history was intriguing, and the hotel staff was polite and extremely professional.  Whether I find myself in the Twin Cities for business or pleasure in the future, I sincerely hope to have the pleasure of returning to the Saint Paul Hotel.



The Saint Paul Hotel
350 Market St  St Paul, MN 55102
Tel. +1 (651) 292-9292


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