The Saint Paul Hotel, St. Paul, Minnesota – Review

By Jesse Sokolow on 25 June 2013
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Having never been to St. Paul, or even the state of Minnesota,20130331_012730 I was fairly excited about my first trip to the Midwestern city.  Once off the plane and into a cab from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, I began my route to the Saint Paul Hotel.  The drive was quite pleasant, as I passed a number of historic-looking buildings, which, I would later find out, were representative of much of the rest of St. Paul as a city

The Saint Paul Hotel itself gave testament to the impression that St. Paul is a city filled with history.  The building’s weathered bricks contrasted sharply with the metal and glass façade of the high-rise next to it.  This landmark hotel recently celebrated its 103rd birthday, and seemed to take pride in its long and illustrious timeline.  Displayed prominently around the hotel were various items celebrating the history of the property, including the original floor plans and blueprints, silverware and teacups from the early 1900s, and the hotel’s original guest register (the first two signatures on it were those of William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt).

Upon pulling up to the hotel, a doorman in a suit and top hat (the latter of which was reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln’s famed head apparel) opened the door of my cab for me and immediately asked if he could assist me with my luggage.  I politely declined, as I had only one small bag, and entered the hotel, the door held open for me by another staff member. 060

Check-in was a breeze, and I was in my ninth floor room in a jiffy.


My Deluxe King room seemed to be a perfect mix of modern and traditional.  In keeping with the historic image that the hotel has managed to maintain, the desk, desk chair, and cabinet housing the TV and mini bar were less modern than other items in the room, such as the flat screen TV itself or the cushiony lounge chair.  The decor was traditional and elegant.

The bed was incredibly comfy, persuading me to take a post flight nap before heading out to dinner, and the lounge chair and footrest aimed towards the TV looked quite inviting as well.

The bathroom was spacious enough, with ample space on the granite counter spanning the sink.  063The shower’s water temperature and pressure were perfect, and everything was within reach and well laid out.  Aveda bath products and a great plush robe were also provided.


Sacrificing modern-day comfort for old world charm, the desk chair was made of wood with a comfy enough cushion.  The desk itself and the bedside table were also made of wood and topped with glass.

Power outlets were plentiful and conveniently located bedside, under the desk and a lamp outlet on top of the desk, and near the lounge chair. Complimentary Wi-Fi completed the modern amenities’ picture.

In terms of meeting and event space, the Saint Paul Hotel offers a variety to choose from.  The James J. Hill Room can seat up to 100 people, and the Promenade Ballroom, a 3,900 square foot (362 square meter) ballroom, can accommodate up to 260 guests, or may be partitioned for smaller groups.

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