Embraer Launches E2 E-Jets with 300+ Orders at Paris Air Show

By Jeremy Del Nero on 19 June 2013
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An Embraer 170 aircraft in JAL livery

An Embraer 170 aircraft in JAL livery

At Paris’ 50th air show this week, Embraer introduced the second generation of E-Jets. The Brazilian-based aircraft manufacturer reported over 300 orders, options, and letters of intent for its new E2 aircraft, as well as orders for current generation E-Jets.

The second generation of E-Jets will be comprised of three different aircraft namely the E190-E2, E195-E2 and E175-E2, which are expected to enter into service in 2018, 2019, and 2020 respectively.

Compared to its predecessor, Embraer’s E175-E2 gained an extra row of seats, increasing the total number on the aircraft to 88.  The E190-E2 kept its number of seats at 106, but the E195-E2 added three extra rows, allowing for a total of up to 132 seats.

A slew of body, wing and engine improvements and redesigns will increase the aircraft’s overall fuel economy, reduce noise and the need for maintenance, and increase the reliability and availability of the aircraft.

SkyWest Inc., the parent company of SkyWest Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines and a launch customer for E-Jets E2, announced its order placement for 100 E175-E2.  The order includes options for an additional 100 aircraft, increasing the potential to 200.  The order, with options fulfilled, is valued at an estimated $9.36 billion.

SkyWest’s new order is in addition to its previously placed order for 200 of Embraer’s current generation E175 aircraft, which will bring the order total to a potential of 400 aircraft.

International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), a remarketer and leaser of aircraft, signed a letter of intent with Embraer for the purchase of 25 E190-E2 and 25 E195-E2.  With options to double the numbers of each, ILFC’s order could total 100 second-generation E-Jets.

Embraer announced further LOIs for orders from five undisclosed airlines from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America for a total of 65 E-Jets E2.

In addition to orders for the new E-Jets, Embraer announced orders and sales for current generation E-Jets as well.  Air Costa secured two Embraer 170 E-Jets and one Embraer 190 E-Jet for the launch of its regional service in India.  Air Lituanica acquired two Embraer 170 E-Jets as well (one leased from a third party) and plans to receive an additional Embraer 175 E-Jet.

Japan Airlines added four Embraer 170 E-Jets to its existing order of 11, for a combined total of 15.  The new aircraft will be configured with 76 seats in a single-class layout and will be operated by J-Air, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines.

Japan Airlines currently operates 12 Embraer 170 jets.

Embraer was founded in August of 1969.  Since then, it has produced over 5,000 aircraft that operate in 80 countries worldwide.

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