Boeing Announces 200+ Orders for 737 Max, Next Generation Jets

By Jesse Sokolow on 19 June 2013
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A Boeing 737 with Sky Interior

A Boeing 737 with Sky Interior

At the Paris Air Show, Boeing reported new orders for its 737 Max and 737 Next Generation from Oman Air, Ryanair, Travel Service, and CIT Aerospace.  In addition, Boeing also announced that Southwest Airlines will take delivery of its first 737 Max 8 earlier than previously scheduled.

Oman Air became the first Arabian Gulf customer to place orders for Boeing Next Generation 737-900ER aircraft.  The airline ordered five of the aircraft, with the total value being $473 million at list prices.

Ryanair also finalized an order for Next Generation aircraft.  The carrier placed an order for 175 Next Generation 737-800 planes, valued at $15.6 billion at list prices.

In addition, Travel Service announced a commitment for three Boeing 737 Max 8s.  The order was valued at $301.5 million at list prices.

CIT Aerospace also placed an order for 30 737 Max 8s.

In addition, it was announced that Southwest Airlines will take delivery of its first Boeing 737 Max 8 in the third quarter of 2017, as opposed to the originally planned fourth quarter.

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