Lobby Bar – May 3: Roald Dahl, Futuristic Websites, In-Bath Entertainment, and Flying Pigs

By Jeremy Del Nero on 3 May 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and ViewsDSC_2809

Meet the Jetsons. We’ve upgraded our site to Frequent Business Traveler 3.0. Everything else just seems like the Flintstones now.

One of these things is not like the other.  Boeing Airplane Co, the Chicago World Fair, Jonathan Spira, the Douglas DC-8, and the McDonnell Douglas Skylab. Guess which one wasn’t born in May? Check out the greatest moments in travel history for the month of May.

We want YOU to use myFBT. As part of our site redesign, we’ve launched a customizable news and information portal to serve as your one-stop hub for personalized content.  Even Uncle Sam is using it.

Ramsey Qubein and the great glass elevator.  Ramsey stays in the modern and trendy Le Grey Beirut in Lebanon.  After a long day of charitable work, he didn’t feel so bad about enjoying the flat-screen TV in the bathroom.

Well… that didn’t last very long. Less than a week passed before the FAA cancelled the furlough, returning air traffic controllers to their posts and easing the delays that the furlough had caused. They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, especially if that wheel is supporting an aircraft of squeaky diamond guests who don’t like delays.

Pst – this line’s shorter!  American Airlines launches flagship check-in at JFK international airport.  Complete with expedited security lanes, never again will we have to wait behind that guy who sheathed himself in tin foil but can’t seem to figure out why he set off the detector.

Zoom zoom. Jonathan Spira takes to the roads with the new Mazda Mazda6. On the open pavement, the efficient little car’s engine whispers quietly to the driver “zoom zoom” in a creepy yet comforting way.

We meet again, DeamlinerJapan Airlines announced that it will re-launch Dreamliner service on June 1 of this year.  After months of being the subject of bad airline jokes, the poor aircraft is finally getting some good press; grumbling business travelers using “that’ll happen when the Dreamliner flies again” will have to return to the classic “when pigs fly” cliché.

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