InfiniWing Landing Zone 1.0 Pro Docking Station for MacBook Air – Review

By Jeremy Del Nero on 8 May 2013
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IMG_2647The InfiniWing LandingZone 1.0 Pro docking station is a device specifically designed for Apple’s MacBook Air lineup of notebook computers.  For portability reasons, MacBook Air notebooks have far fewer ports than Apple’s other laptops. The designers at InfiniWing set out to create a docking station that expands the port options for MacBook Air users and simplifies the experience of using external monitors with the computer. The device is compatible with 11” and 13” MacBook Air models and different versions of the dock may be purchased for MacBook variants.

The LandingZone dock is very portable, making it a good tool for a home office or mobile workstation.  In and out of use, the dock is stylish, lightweight and compact.  The white body is reminiscent of the plastic MacBook series in its simple, clean and efficient design.

The dock provides four USB 2.0 ports, a Thunderbolt port, a 10/100 Ethernet port, and an A/C adapter charging input (which powers not the computer, but the dock itself). The device is also the first of its kind to support laptop security locks, something that has been absent from all MacBook Air models and previous docking stations. This is significant for those who want to take physical anti-theft measures.

Please note that this is a review of the 1.0 Pro docking station designed for MacBook Air notebooks manufactured between 2010 and mid-2012. The 2.0 Pro model accommodates the newer models and supports Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0. The 2.0 PRO is, of course, compatible with the redesigned MagSafe charging accessory.  Other than these differences, the docking stations are cosmetically and functionally identical.IMG_2646

Four rubber feet keep the docking station and subsequently the laptop stable and secure on work surfaces. A release lever makes it easy to disconnect the MacBook Air from the docking station in a matter of seconds.


I immediately realized that my laptop didn’t quite fit into the docking station in the way I had imagined. InfiniWing created a product that is intended for use with a naked notebook; the fit is very tight and doesn’t allow for shells or cases.

After removing the plastic shell from my Air, I found that, without any accessories, it indeed fit perfectly and snugly into the docking station; the two devices complemented each other quite well and it was obvious that the product was built and designed specifically for the Air.

Installing the Air into the docking station proved to be very simple.  After plugging the dock itself into a power source and inserting the charging cable for my Air into the corresponding slot, mating the dock’s plugs with the Air’s ports was facilitated by aligning two dimples on the dock with the rubber feet on the notebook. I pushed the ends of the dock towards the body of my MacBook and voila! The indicator on my charging cable glowed green and all of the ports on the dock became active. After using the dock extensively, I found that it occasionally took slight jiggling to get the ports to align just right, although they always did.

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