InfiniWing Landing Zone 1.0 Pro Docking Station for MacBook Air – Review

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IMG_2651Now that my MacBook and docking station were successfully connected, I was able to create and set up a workstation. I found that the dock changed the way I work by avoiding a mess of cables going into my MacBook. I now have my keyboard, mouse, and external hard drive all routed through the dock, as well as an Ethernet cable for faster network communications and Thunderbolt-HDMI adapter for using my HDTV as an external display. To connect these devices to the Air, I simply drop the computer into the docking station as opposed to connecting each individual cable to the ports on my Mac.

Although I have an adapter that works well to bridge the gap from monitor to Air through the thunderbolt port, I was slightly disappointed that the dock didn’t provide a VGA or HDMI port of its own (eliminating the need for the adapter). InfiniWing stated that it aimed to keep the device simple and free of redundancies, although one might argue that this logic renders the appreciated yet nonessential Ethernet port redundant.

The dock elevates the back of the MacBook, which, when not connected to an external monitor, brings the screen to a more comfortable and desirable typing angle. This also gives the bottom of the Air some breathing room, allowing the computer to run cooler and more efficiently, which can save precious battery power when outlets are few and far between.

I found that my accessories required a relatively small amount of power and that the docking station didn’t need its own electrical source to power the keyboard, mouse and hard drive that I had connected. However, for those who wish to make use of the high charging speeds from the USB port the additional power source may be needed (it’s just important to note that most of the functionality of the dock can be achieved without taking up an additional AC outlet).

While viewing my Air’s display via my HDTV wasn’t a new experience, it was made easier by the LandingZone 1.0 Pro. The dock may be left permanently connected to a TV or monitor and the additional display will be activated, just as with the USB ports, as soon as the computer is docked.


The LandingZone 1.0 Pro  docking station provides business travelers with a portable or at-home workplace-simplifying solution. While the inability to support cases and shells may be a deal breaker for over-protective Air owners, the symbiosis between the two devices is undeniable. We look forward to seeing future models of docking stations, perhaps with support for more, new, or different ports. The 1.0 and 2.0 models of the docking station are priced at $179 and $199 respectively, and may be purchased at

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