Hotel Pet Peeve Survey: Guests Voice Dissatisfaction With Wi-Fi and Noise

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While many things are done right at many hotels, an equal number of things don’t always live up to the expectations of their guests.  Although some of the peeves arise inherently from an aging architecture and infrastructure that can’t accommodate a modern lifestyle, many of them – such as uncomfortable pillows, poor lighting, and drapes that don’t fully keep light out – can be easily addressed by hotel management without incurring significant cost.

We’re puzzled by the seeming lack of attention hotels are giving their guests’ concerns, particularly in an industry that claims to specialize in providing a comfortable and serene environment for travelers.  Travelers who choose their own hotels, as well as corporate travel managers and meeting planners, are far more sensitive to the problems that our readers have focused on and hotels can literally no longer afford to come up short in these areas.  Hotel managers, you’ve been warned.


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