Welcome to Frequent Business Traveler 3.0

By Paul Riegler on 30 April 2013
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Frequent Business Traveler 3.0

Frequent Business Traveler 3.0

Last summer, we introduced a completely redesigned web experience for Frequent Business Traveler and promised that there would be more to come.

Now, we’re delivering on that promise.  In addition to a refreshed main page, we are introducing several new features to enhance the visitor’s experience.

You may have already noticed the box displaying Most Popular Articles and the ones that are Trending Now.  You can adjust the Most Popular Articles tab to display the most read stories from the past day, week, or month, while the Trending Now tab displays the articles that are being read at the moment.

We’ve also introduced new navigation on the main page, which will make it easier to find the sections you are looking for.  This includes a new central navigation bar below the main article as well as quick navigation links to sections on the top of each inside page.

Finally, we’re introducing a major new feature, called myFBT.  MyFBT is a news and information portal, and Jeremy Del Nero will take you on a tour of it.  Simply put, it allows you to find and read the news you are really interested in.

The new design still builds on the original design and vision created by Greg Spira, our late co-founder and managing editor, and Frequent Business Traveler 4.0 is just around the corner.

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