Lobby Bar – April 5: James Boeing, Takë Shortcutti, Cucumber French fries, Old Verizon Commercials, and Transatlantic Barn Animals

By Jeremy Del Nero on 5 April 2013
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I’ll take Travel History for $5,000 please, Alex. Jesse Sokolow takes a look back, delivering the details on airline and hotel history in April’s past.  We were disturbed to find that hotels in 1888 didn’t have free Wi-Fi.

“We’ll be making up some extra time in the air.” Jonathan Spira flies business class from London to Vienna and speaks to the president of the world about incorporating some European luxuries into American travel. If we can go faster, why don’t we?

Why don’t you drive instead and just sleep on a friend’s couch? The renowned travel industry association ASSTIC  released a report that found that hotel and airline staff prefer to not deal with customers. Ever.  “Please leave us in peace,” they begged, pleading with customers to find alternate means of housing and hospitality.

Can you hear me now? Jeremy Del Nero tests out Jabra’s newest Bluetooth headset and is delighted to find that, yes, he can still hear you, even when 300 feet from his phone.  Sources tell us that people still remember that Verizon commercial from 2009 with little fondness.

It’s time for a makeoverAmerican Airlines is trying to decide whether or not to keep its logo and livery after their merger with US Airways.  We think their logo should be prettier than just a couple of capital letters.

The name is Boeing. James Boeing. China Eastern Yunnan Airlines received China’s 1,000th Boeing airplane, a milestone that was reached first only by the U.S.  Mr. James Boeing declined to comment, insisting that he was already quite late for a date with a Ms. Moneypenny.

Double, double, toil and trouble.  W Hotels expands throughout Asian countries, hoping to double its presence by 2018.  Whatever witchcraft or wizardry is afoot to allow this rapid growth is unknown.

What will we do with the extra ketchup?  JW Marriott plans on offering healthier food options to kids in hotel dining.  The collective sigh of children everywhere can be heard when their parents replace the French fry order with cucumbers and carrots.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. But birds in the sky leaving from George Bush Intercontinental Airport are worth even more, especially if they’re flying to Turkey on Turkish Airline’s new Houston-Istanbul flight with a cabin full of paying passengers.

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