Lobby Bar — April 19: Robots from Cupertino, Comfortably Numb Lounge Guests, Kindness to Strangers, and Asian Island Trivia for $100

By Jeremy Del Nero on 19 April 2013
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You don’t know Jack. But you may know Japan.  Take our photo trivia contest and test your knowledge of the Land of the Rising Sun. You could even win a two-night stay in the Capitol Hotel in Tokyo.

Hello, hello… Is there anybody in there? Jonathan Spira enjoys the solitude of British Airways’ Galleries First Lounge at Heathrow.  He’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.

Mini me. Apple’s iPad has borrowed a move from Dr. Evil and created a miniature version of itself. Jeremy Del Nero  (that would be me) reviews the device but is kind enough to leave out the evil cackling.

A bed in the sky.  Delta adds fully lie-flat seats to the Airbus A330, making the airline’s entire widebody fleet flat-bed compatible.  Successful sleeping went up 37% despite the bothersome cries from nearby newborns, a new ASSTIC survey found.

Welcome back, stranger.  Christian Stampfer visits the St Regis Hotel in Atlanta and is treated like a regular guest, although this was his first visit to the hotel.  Those who in fact do stay there frequently are greeted by a minstrel singing personalized lyrics, as diamond guests should.

Please do not derange me. Our pet peeves survey is ending soon so be sure to tell us what bugs you the most when staying in hotels. It really grinds our gears when “do not disturb” signs are ignored, even if they are in French.

Are we there yet? The FAA is expected to end the grounding  of the Dreamliner today. We can tell the kids that, after over three months of fighting in the back seat, the end is finally in sight.

This doesn’t bug us. At the Shanghai Auto Show, Volkswagen unveils the CrossBlue Coupe, a new hybrid plug-in vehicle that promises not to sacrifice power for its environmental status.  Widespread confusion followed the accompanying announcement of the iBeetle, a special edition Bug, thought to be a robotic insect designed by Apple.

Please, sir, I want some more.  The FAA says that the federal spending cuts will have the largest impact on the busiest airports in the country. Despite pleas from the airport, the response from Washington was terse: No soup for you.

Last but not least. T-mobile finally receives the iPhone 5 on its network, and Jonathan Spira reviews its new features including HD Voice.  Another new exclusive app, HD Food, allows iPhone users to download sandwiches in times of extreme hunger.

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