Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset – Review

By Jeremy Del Nero on 3 April 2013
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Jabra Motion Bluetooth headset

Jabra Motion Bluetooth headset

The Jabra Motion looked pretty in its clear plastic shell; so pretty that I felt a little bit bad about freeing it from its box. Once completely unboxed however, I was pleased to see that the device not only looked good but seemed to be thoughtfully designed as well. .

The standard headset package includes an AC charging adapter, a USB charging cable, a cigarette lighter car adapter, a remarkably thin user’s manual, and two differently sized rubber earbuds. The device charges via the convenient and industry standard micro-usb port on its back. Two status LEDs indicate Bluetooth connectivity and battery level. Although slim and portable, the Motion isn’t fragile and needn’t be treated as such.


Jabra recommends charging the device fully before using it for the first time.  After an hour and a half the battery icon glowed green and the Motion was ready for pairing. A fully charged battery should yield six hours of uninterrupted use and a depleted battery will only take two hours to fully recharge.

Pairing the headset to my phone was effortless. Upon folding down the descriptively named “boom-arm,” the headset came to life. It was just a moment before the reason behind the user’s manual thinness was revealed: all of the instructions are presented in audio form through the earbud when the Motion is turned on for the first time. I disregarded the instructions on how to pair the headset via Bluetooth because I wanted to utilize Jabra’s newly implemented NFC (near-field communication) technology support. All I had to do was physically touch the Motion to the back of my NFC enabled smart phone (the Samsung Galaxy S3) and a moment later I received confirmation that the two had paired. It was perhaps the most painless pairing process I’ve ever encountered. Pairing the Motion to my computer required the usual authentication process, yet was made easier by the audio instructions.

I configured the Motion for optimal comfort and was satisfied with the results. The gel earbud is very comfortable and can be height-adjusted or swiveled to accommodate various angles, positions and ear sizes.  Pulling the bud down and twisting it 180 degrees switches it quickly and conveniently to fit into the other ear.  Unlike other headsets, Bluetooth or not, the Motion is comfortable enough for lengthy calls and all-day use.

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