Great Moments in Travel History – April 2013

By Jesse Sokolow on 1 April 2013
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1910 guest register, the Saint Paul. Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft the first two entries

1910 guest register, the Saint Paul. Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft are the first two entries

On April 3, 1888, the Hotel Brighton in Brooklyn, New York, was transported away from its beachfront location.  The 3-story property was previously located on a beach that was continuously eroding, so much so that waves reached the doors of the hotel.  The hotel was loaded onto 112 railroad cars and towed 600 feet inland.

The Fairmont Hotel San Francisco was about to open, when the city suffered a devastating earthquake on April 18, 1906.  Fires from the quake consumed much of the property.  The hotel was restored and opened exactly one year later.

On April 24, 1909, Wilbur Wright brought a photojournalist on a flight near Rome, where the first motion pictures ever shot in-flight aboard an airplane were filmed

The Saint Paul Hotel, dubbed “St. Paul’s Million-Dollar Hotel,” opened on April 18, 1910 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

On April 12, 1911, Pierre Pier made the first nonstop, passenger flight from London to Paris on, in a Blériot aircraft.

American pilot Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the English Channel when she flew from Dover, England to Pas-de-Calais, France on April 16, 1912.

The Loughead brothers flew their F-1 seaplane from Santa Barbara, California to San Diego on April 12, 1918.  The brothers would later go on to found Lockheed.

On April 6, 1924, four Douglas World Cruisers (named Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, and Seattle) begin the first successful flight around the world, departing from Sand Point near Seattle, Washington. The Seattle crashed in Alaska on April 30, and the Boston was irreparably damaged in the Atlantic Ocean, but the New Orleans and Chicago completed the journey, arriving back in Seattle on September 28, 1924.

On April 13, 1925, Henry Ford started the first commercial flights that flew on a regular schedule, transporting airmail between Detroit and Chicago. Earlier that year, he formed the Ford Air Transport Service and was awarded the Chicago-Detroit and Cleveland-Detroit airmail routes.

Varney Air Lines (later Continental Airlines) launched operations as an air mail carrier in the U.S. on April 6, 1926.

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