Fuel Prices Show Drop Across U.S.

By Jesse Sokolow on 26 April 2013
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DSC_0931According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the price per gallon of gasoline that drivers are paying at the pump has gone down by 0.2%, while the average price of diesel has gone down by 1.4%.

The average cost of gasoline in the country fell by $0.006 to this week’s price of $3.536 per gallon.  With the exception of the Midwest (whose prices rose to $3.546, a $0.09 increase from last week’s price of $3.456), every region in the country experienced a drop in price.

The East Coast saw the sharpest drop, with a decrease of $0.053 per gallon, from $3.533 to $3.48.  Closely following was the West Coast, which saw a decrease of $0.052 from last week’s $3.888.  However, this week’s price of $3.836 on the West Coast was also the most expensive in the country.  The cheapest gasoline in the nation this week could be found on the Gulf Coast, where prices dropped to $3.324, down $0.039 from last week’s price of $3.363.

The average price of diesel was $3.887 this past week, down $0.055 from last week’s $3.942.  The region with the sharpest decrease was New England, down $0.078 from last week’s $4.105 to this week’s $4.027.  The West Coast had the second sharpest decrease, with prices this week at $3.990, down $0.076 from last week’s $4.066.  Much like with gasoline, the cheapest prices in the country for diesel this week could be found on the Gulf Coast, where the cost for a gallon of diesel was $3.802, down $0.05 from last week’s $3.852.

Prices are not only lower than they were last week, but are lower than where they were a year ago.  Even the Midwest, which saw an increase in gasoline prices this week, has lower prices than it did a year ago.

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