Milestone: China Receives 1,000th Aircraft from Boeing

By Jeremy Del Nero on 29 March 2013
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China Eastern's 737-800, the 1000th Boeing plane in China

China Eastern’s 737-800, the 1000th Boeing plane in China

With the delivery of a Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft to China Eastern Yunnan Airlines, the People’s Republic China received its 1,000th aircraft from the airframe manufacturer on Thursday. China Eastern has the largest 737 fleet of any Chinese airline.

The historic delivery makes China the only country besides the United States to operate over 1,000 Boeing aircraft.

Boeing and China have worked closely for over four decades. As a result, most of the airplanes operated in China today are Boeing aircraft, and are in use by more than 20 airlines.  Boeing, in turn, receives several parts from Chinese suppliers for use in its commercial airlines.  Over 7,000 Boeing aircraft worldwide contain Chinese components.

The prospering aviation business is doing nothing if not aiding China’s growing economy. Indeed,  China has seen its economy boom since major reforms began in the late 1970s. China and Boeing’s relationship is very profitable and is likely to become more complex in the next twenty years. According to Boeing, China will have need for over 5,000 new aircraft in the next two decades.

Boeing was founded nearly a century ago in 1916. Throughout its history, it has become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of aircraft worldwide and its global presence has made Boeing a household name.


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