Lobby Bar – March 8: Club Levels, Business Class, Swiss Chocolate, Germans Impersonating Swedes, and Flowers

By Dan Collins on 8 March 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and ViewsDSC_0864

Hope you booked club level. That way that emergency cocktail you need is on the house. Tell us what pushes you over the edge: take our 2013 Hotel Pet Peeves survey.

Be the first to know. Ramsey Quebin flies from Frankfurt to Astana, Kazakhstan on an airline you probably haven’t heard of. See how he liked his experience in Air Astana’s business class.

Taking things to the next level. Virgin America and Singapore Airlines enter into a deal to bring their frequent flier programs together. Is a flying trans-Pacific lounge the logical next step?

Christian Stampfer slept through French class. But he brings you automakers’ latest and greatest being shown at the Geneva International Motor Show anyway, and it’s even written in English.  Amusez-vous bien.

Be ready for your next flight delay. Well, at least win at trivia at the airport bar next time you’re stuck there. Jesse Sokolow brings you the latest installment of Great Moments in Travel History.

Blocking the left lane. Again. Find out what kind of travel havoc winter storm Saturn wreaked, while I continue to try to figure out what good reason someone had to start naming snowstorms.

The quickest way to Dan Collins’ heart. Hint: it has four doors, two turbos, and a V8. Find out what quirky Swedish car the BMW X6 most reminded me of, and just how many horsepower it takes to get me to like Southern California.

Worried about your Diamond Status? Good news. Delta is expanding out of LAX.

Sick of the pat-downs? No more cavity searches when you accidentally leave your golf clubs in your carry-on.  See what else the TSA is easing up on.

Carolina Dreaming. The “other-roads” course at Boeing’s North Charleston delivery center have been empty for a while now. Find out how fast the Dreamliner is going to get back in the air after its little battery problem.

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