Lobby Bar – March 15: South Carolina Exports, German Dialects, and Island Life

By Dan Collins on 15 March 2013
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Vote now – or forever hold your peace.  Today is THE very last day of voting for the 2013 GlobeRunner Awards. Over 110,00 votes have been cast – is yours one of them?

Happy Place. What is it about a hotel stay that makes you cringe? Take our Hotel Pet Peeves survey and let us know.

Need to get away? Far, far away? How does a remote Japanese Island sound? Jonathan Spira tells you what’s doing on Taketomi Island, which only takes a day or so to get to.

Remember me? The Boeing 787 Dreamliner had some problems with its batteries a couple of months ago, and hasn’t flown since. Find out what the plan is to get South Carolina’s other fast export back in the sky.

Hedging their bets. Boeing is close to pulling the trigger on the 777X. Rumor has it that the batteries won’t be lithium-ion, in hopes to continue production of aircraft that are allowed to fly.

Hope there’s vacancy. If you find yourself on Japan’s Taketomi Island, you only have one choice in hotel accommodations, and Jonathan Spira reviewed it. Check it out.

Moving on up. The Waldorf Astoria opens in the European Capital known for being “Poor, But Sexy.” See how the New York landmark fared in German 101.

Sweet Tea Express.  Jetblue adds nonstop flights from Boston and New York City to Charleston, South Carolina. Traffic to the Cape and the Hamptons this summer no longer has a reason to exist.

Hope they measured right. Boeing and KLM begin pilot flights using biofuels. It remains to be seen if the planes’ warranties will be voided by rogue lawmakers forcing more corn into the tanks.

The Groundhog must die. Yet another winter storm pummels the Northeast. The defunct GM division with the same name could only dream of that much publicity.

Sub-titles needed. Swiss International Airlines is buying six new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. I’d like to buy whoever at Boeing speaks Schwiizertüütsch a drink.

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