American to Install Runway Overrun Safety Technology on Planes

By Paul Riegler on 20 March 2013
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DSC_0588American Airlines will become the first airline to install a new technology dubbed ROPS (Runway Overrun Prevention System), developed by Airbus, that warns pilots during the landing if they won’t be able to stop once on the ground, on single-aisle planes.

The system uses aircraft weight, speed, position, weather, runway topography, and other relevant factors to determine if a landing pilot will be able to stop safely.

The technology will be installed on all of American’s Airbus A320 family aircraft including the 120 Airbus A321 jets that the airline will start to take delivery of later this year.

“Our pilots appreciate the operational benefits that this industry-approved cockpit technology will bring to their daily work,” said Capt. John Hale, American’s chief pilot, adding that the airline was “proud” to be the first to equip its complete A320 fleet with the technology.

The technology, already in use on the majority of Airbus A380 jumbo jets, prevents a plane from rolling off the side or end of a runway.  The airline industry has been focusing on runway accidents for years; in late 2012, Boeing, a competitor of Airbus, introduced new landing procedures intended to combat the problem, which is the most common cause of airplane accidents.

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