Lobby Bar – February 15: How to Slice Fruit, the Queen of Mean, and Mach Schnell

By Jesse Sokolow on 15 February 2013
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The Lobby Bar – A Weekly Summary of Frequent Business Traveler News and ViewsDSC_0706

End of an era or start of a new one?  After a year of discussion and negotiation, US Airways and American announced they will merge.  What does this mean for the frequent flyer?

But how will they slice the limes?  It’s not the first airline merger but it is the largest.  Jonathan Spira looks at what it will take to integrate American and US Airways. 

The African Queen. Ramsey Qubein checks into the Cellars-Hohenort in Cape Town, South Africa.  See if the place is fit for a king.

But will the queen still stand guard?  Leona’s not there any more but the New York Palace is renovating.  Find out if they have something for the little people.

S stands for schnell.  Robert Calem likes Audi S cars so much he test-drives three of them.

Collect call?  A scammer calls and Paul Riegler answers.  See how your computer can be compromised via a phone call.

Don’t text and drive.  Especially in bad weather conditions.  So how do you read the emergency notification of a storm in your area if you are behind the wheel?

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