American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class Flight 962 Dallas/Fort Worth – São Paul, Brazil – Review

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Once we reached 10,000 feet, I took out my iPad and tried to access the Internet, unfortunately without any success. DSC_0805 The new 777-300ER is the first American Airlines plane to have transoceanic Wi-Fi service but it wasn’t functioning properly on this flight.  While a few people were able to connect for a short time, it just wasn’t working at all for me.

Inaugural flights are always a bit different in that one never knows who is going to be doing the service.  In this case, the servers included Virasb Vahidi, the airline’s chief commercial officer, and Tom Horton, the airline’s CEO who served champagne to everyone in first and business class.  Both men made brief statements welcoming everyone and urged passengers to “enjoy all of the amenities” of the new aircraft.

A short while later, flight attendants began the real service and I was offered a beverage along with a small dish of warm nuts.DSC_0807  I selected the Domain des Rochers Pouilly-Fuissé chardonnay, a delightful French white wine with strong fruit notes and excellent acidity and minerality.

Shortly thereafter we were served an amuse bouche, shrimp escabèche on sliced Peruvian purple potatoes,, surprisingly along with a salad of greens and vegetables including heart of palm instead of each coming as a separate course.  The amuse bouche was without question the tastiest aspect of the meal.

For the main course, going by the menu that was handed out, I had a choice of grilled beef tenderloin, curried shrimp and scallops, vegetable pasta, or adobe chicken, I selected the chicken, which was to be accompanied by an achiote truffle sauce, purple mashed potatoes, and vanilla-scented corn.  But it turned out that the wrong menus had been boarded and chicken panang with stir-fried vegetables and basmati rice was actually served.  The chicken wasn’t bad by any means DSC_0808but it also wasn’t what I would have selected.

After the main course, despite tempting desserts that included an ice cream sundae and a cheese plate, I changed into sleeping attire (a loose t-shirt and shorts) and pushed the bed button.  The seat, as mentioned earlier, became a true 180˚ lie-flat bed, 6’3” in length and 25” in width with the armrests down.

I fell asleep rather quickly and didn’t even get up to sample the lovely desserts that I was told were waiting for passengers in the bar area.  I woke waking up hours later to hear the clinking of china: breakfast was being served.

After perusing the menu, I opted for the three-cheese omelette and it came accompanied by a selection of sliced fruit and fresh breads.  Unfortunately, the omelette came out was lukewarm (the flight attendant explained that there had been a problem with the ovens) so I switched to the granola and yoghurt breakfast, which was excellent.

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