Delta Aligns Fare Classes with Air France and KLM

By Jesse Sokolow on 23 January 2013
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Delta's Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia

Delta’s Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia

Delta, which previously announced plans to align its fare classes (also referred to as booking codes) with those of its joint venture partners Air France and KLM, has begun the first phase of this process. The entire alignment will be rolled out in four phases through March of this year, including the current phase.

Fare classes are used by airlines to control the number of tickets sold at different fare levels.  As many as 15 codes might apply to a single flight even though the aircraft itself might only have two or three classes of service.

Essentially, G and V codes for first class are being replaced by a single code, R, and Z and X (business class) are being replaced by O.

Each of the four phases is comprised of multiple steps.  Some fare classes that are being replaced will be recycled towards the end of the project and have a different meaning.

Under Phase 1, which took effect on January 23 for travel after January 30, R and O class (first and business class, respectively) replaced the airline’s V and X classes for Delta’s Complimentary Medallion upgrades.  Going forward, V and O  classes will no longer be part of the domestic first and business class cabins, but will be reintroduced in the economy class cabin during Phase 4.

Phase 2, set to take effect on February 6 (for travel after February 19) will see G and Z classes replaced by the R and O classes for certain upgrades.  The two classes will also be reintroduced in Phase 4, in domestic first and business class cabins, as “displayed” classes of service.

On February 23, 2013, Phase 3 will be initiated, for travel taking place after February 27.  During this phase, Z class will replace S class in the business class cabin, also becoming a “displayed” class of service, while S class will be reintroduced in the economy class cabin during Phase 4 of the alignment process.

Phase 4, the final phase, will begin on March 19.  During this phase, Delta will reintroduce G and Z class in the domestic first class cabin, and its S, X, and V classes in the economy class section.

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