American Airlines First Class Flight 135 New York JFK to Tokyo Haneda – Review

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It was time to request turndown service and go to sleep.  American Airlines was DSC_0381the first U.S. airline to offer first-class passengers turndown service.  The flight attendant puts the seat in the fully flat bed position and places a cotton-lined mattress topper over the seat.  On top of that goes a grey woolen blanket and the duvet is placed ippermoat, partially folded down.  I had requested a second pillow and that was supplied when the bed was made.

Thanks to the comfortable sleeping environment, I was able to sleep about six hours (a record for me).  Since we were nine hours into the flight, I decided it was time for a snack, and had an Edo-style mini Bento box, which came with vinegared rice wrapped in bean curd skin, sushi rolls, and Japanese pickles.  It was accompanied by fruit salad.

Other passengers were having what was officially called the DSC_0382“light meal” at that time but I found that the Bento box (in the interest of full disclosure, I had two) did the trick.  The light meal menu, incidentally, included salad and a choice of cilantro chicken or macadamia nut soup.

Following my snack, I proceeded to get some work done.  The Flagship Suite is an excellent work environment.  The seat itself provides excellent support and the desk on the side provides more than enough room for working.  My only small regret was that I had forgotten that American only has DC power in the 777-200 aircraft and I didn’t bring an adapter (I later found out that American offers adapters to passengers in first and business class).  Fortunately, the battery of my MacBook Pro with Retina display lasted the entire flight.


We arrived at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) on time, late the next evening.  The lines for passport control were fairly short and I hadn’t checked any bags so I was ready to leave for my hotel soon after landing.


Since my past American Airlines flights to Japan (Tokyo Narita and Osaka) were so enjoyable, I hoped that this flight would be at least as good.  I needn’t have been concerned., I got more than enough sleep, had a great work environment, and arrived feeling rested and relaxed.  Service from the cabin crew was excellent, the in-flight meals were wonderful, and the convenience of landing in Haneda was a very appreciated added bonus.

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